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Our only offical online store is: mjdkshop.com

Here at mjdkshop.com, our team is enthusiastic about what we do!

We work together to find the coolest new smoking accessories, provide a fun and secure shopping experience, get your stuff to you safely, and answer your questions along the way!

Free Design for You

We are manufacturer and we have our own factory, and we can design and manufacture the products you want according to your requirements or drawings.

Save Your Time

We have our own warehouses in Europe and the United States, and we generally use DHL, FEDEX, UPS, TNT to transport your package. Under normal circumstances, you can receive your package within 2-5 working days.

Why We are Better

  • Same product: we can provide higher quality
  • Same product: we can provide lower price
  • Same product: we can upgrade the quality of the product according to your requirements

We Accept

  • We accept OEM and ODM
  • We accept Custom-order
  • We accept Wholesale-order

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The MJDK Team